July 9, 2018

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Wikipedia describes emotional intelligence (EI) as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” Today it is an essential component to both personal and professional success – even more important than typical intelligence such as IQ. Furthermore, a long-term study by Harvard, revealed that to be happier and more successful, people need to improve the quality of their relationships. How do we do that? Whether it be work relationships or personal, increasing your EI is critical to building effective and positive relationships.

Traits of Emotionally Intelligent People

People who have high emotional intelligence:

  • Are positively focused
  • Choose to be with positive people
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Can be assertive as needed
  • Do not focus on the past
  • Know how to enjoy life
  • Tend to be interested and interesting
  • Describe themselves as happy
  • Demonstrate a high degree of empathy
  • Know when to say yes or no
  • Respond as opposed to react

Emotional intelligence is an important thing to learn if you lack in this area. Thankfully, unlike IQ, you can raise your EI easily with practice and focus. If you want more information, contact me!

July 9, 2018